Once you have decided to get implants to improve your smile and confidence, your first questions will most likely be related to dental implant cost. Drs. Miller and Bounds are here to help you understand the most essential factors that will determine how much your new implants will cost, such as the number of implants you desire, your jawbone density, the type of procedure you decide on and whether you will need a tooth extraction.  

Number of Implants   

While the overall cost of dental implants in Irvine, CA will increase if you desire multiple implants, we will first have to examine your jaw in order to determine whether it can adequately support your implants. Even if there are some areas in your mouth that cannot support implants, Drs. Miller and Bounds can perform a bone graft to strengthen your jaw bone.   

Bone Density    

If you do need a bone graft procedure to improve the density of your jaw bone, it will impact dental implant cost since grafting is not included in the overall cost of your implant procedure. Inadequate bone density is a common issue with patients who have missing teeth.  

Implant Procedure   

There are several different procedures that can be done to integrate your dental implants. Which procedure you decide on will mostly depend on your individual needs and your current physical health. If you decide to get implant-supported dentures, you will not need as many implants. You also have the option of replacing each of your individual missing teeth with an implant.   

Tooth Extraction   

Any rotted or damaged teeth currently in your mouth will need to be extracted before we are able to put in your new dental implants. Just like with bone grafting, tooth extractions are not included in the normal cost of a dental implant procedure.  

We welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Miller or Dr. Bounds to learn more about dental implants and their overall cost. Give us a call today at (949) 344-2059!